Nashville Soul with Shanna Underwood at Billy’s Tavern March 30th

Shanna Underwood

Not too long ago we had a great Texas swing band called Lazy Gait here at Billy’s and the show was fantastic.  Throughout the course of the evening, several other artists stepped up and performed with the masters of Texas Swing and that was the first time we heard Shanna Underwood and man, did she blow our minds.  Shanna’s vocals are full of soul and her heart is full of music.

This Saturday, March 30th, 2013, we are happy to welcome Shanna Underwood back to Billy’s Tavern in Thomaston to rock the stage, Nashville style.  Shanna uses powerful melodies and thoughtful lyrics to add an amazing level of depth to her performance.  Serving up songs that tell the tales from a life of travel, a lifetime of love and her gypsy lifestyle roots, you can hear Shanna’s passion for life in each song she sings.

Joining Shanna on Saturday for this live music event will be Adam Barber, Pete Witham, Ramsey Khudairi and Devon Colella.  This is one session you’ll want to drop in and listen to.  There is a $5 cover charge and dinner service will end around 7pm so we can make room for those who want to get into their own groove.  Music will start some time after 8pm.

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We hope to see you here!

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